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Courtsey    Integrity    Honor   Respect

Born and raised in New Zealand, Master Paul Main started training with famous Korean instructor Master Shim Sang Sol in 1982.  He received his first black belt from the world TaeKwonDo Federation, under Master Shim and Un Yong Kim (President of Kukkiwon) in the late 1980's.  He continued his training in New Zealand with Master Shim and master Chris Moyle at the New Zealand Taewondo headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand.  In 1991 Master Main moved to Maui, Hawaii.  He has taught thousands of students here in the islands and has produced more world champions that anyone else in the USA World Championship History.


His Accomplishments include:

5 time World Champion

3rd Dan TKDNZ

6th Dan World Black Belt

7th Dan USA Karate

2011 USA World Chanpionships Hall Of Fame


Master Paul Main also won multiple Festival of Kings titles, and also seven Hawaiian Karate Open Champion titles.


Because of his passion for martial arts Master Paul Main, his wife Anita Main and fellow instructors are proud to educate and train people in Korean TaeKwonDo, Sport Karate and self defense. 

Master Main Sensei Anita Main
Master Shim & Master Paul Main

255-D Alamaha Street, Kahalui, HI 96732 E-mail: Tel: 808 877-5435

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