History of Ohana Martial Arts

Master Main arrived on Maui in 1991 as a World Tae Kwon Do Federation instructor.  His first classes were at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center and in Paia at the Boys and Girls Club.  In 1994 Master Main opened Wailuku Tae Kwon Do on Main St., in Wailuku sharing a training center with Jeff McGee of Wailuku Boxing Club. It was during the next 10 years his school became very successful in local, national and international open Karate tournaments.  Master Main continued his belt advancement on training trips back to New Zealand to train with Master Chris Moyle and Master Shim Sang Sool of Tae Kwon Do New Zealand.  Master Main was also awarded a World Black Belt 5th Dan during this period training in Hawaii with members of the West Coast point fighting team, Ron Phonel, team captain from Honolulu, HI.  He now holds a 6th Dan with World Black Belt and a 7th Dan with USA Karate.  Wailuku Tae Kwon Do also became affiliated with IMAC (International Martial Arts Council) and Master Stan Witz, organizer of the USA World championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Ohana Martial Arts was opened in 2003 by Master Main to provide martial arts training six days a week for all ages.  Ohana Martial Arts has produced more world champions than any other school in the history of the USA Championships.  Master Stan Witz (A grappling black belt under Legend Gene LeBell) then helped introduce Master Main and his senior belts to many of the skills to become champions in ground fighting.  Another part of the Ohana Martial Arts system emerged when Sifu Daniel Garcia, (IP Man line of Wing Chun) began teaching Master Main and a small band of adult students the street fighting secrets of Wing Chun.  Sifu Garcia continues to teach weekly classes at Ohana Martial Arts, which is the only school on Maui to offer Wing Chun style to adults.  


As part of senior belt advancement Master Mains, students must also apart from learning Tae Kwon Do and sport karate learn advanced grappling techniques, Wing Chun, forms, wooden dummy and applications of self-defense.  Various local stick fighting instructions have also helped to introduce a wide array of soft and hard strike movement drills and training for self-defense as well as competition. Ohana Martial Arts, also organize and promotes the Maui Open Martial Arts Championships every year in partnership with Chief Randy Cabanilla of Walang Katapusan Eskrima.  It is one of the largest and most prestigious tournaments in Hawaii, and it is held in remembrance of daughter Shannon a Hawaiian and International champion who was sadly lost to an illness in 2008.  Ohana Martial Arts has received many outstanding awards from IMAC and USA World Championships and has often been commended by the Mayor of Maui County Alan Arakawa as bringing honor, recognition and achievement to the people and county of Maui.  The Mayor often finds time to visit the school for special promotions and tests.  Ohana Martial Arts was also named International Martial Arts School of the year in 2006 - 2007 & 2013 - 2014.  The school has a rich tradition of tournament success at local, state, national and international open Karate tournaments and always strived to produce students who are respectful, honest, loyal and dedicated to the practice of martial arts. 

Ohana Martial Arts Senior Belts

255-D Alamaha Street, Kahalui, HI 96732 E-mail: martialartmaui@yahoo.com Tel: 808 877-5435

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