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March Newsletter

Word: Intensity

Color: Red


  • DUES ARE DUE! Payments made after the 8th of each month will be charged a $20 late fee. Please see Sensei Anita at the front desk if you would like to go on our auto-pay system. Autopay offers no fees and allows you to pick a payment date right for you. We will not recurrently charge cards if you are on vacation that is longer than 2 weeks.


  • We would like to say thank you to everyone for their continued support of the dojo through this difficult COVID-19 pandemic. We want to reassure everyone that we will remain to operate with all the restrictions in place (vaccination status no longer required). Our dojo is sanitized daily before class to ensure the safety of our students. We will continue to have drop off and pick up only. Our other rules regarding face masks, temperature checks, social distancing, and hand sanitization will still be enforced. We are always keeping up to date with the governor’s rules and regulations. We hope to have mask wearing and other restrictions dropped by the coming months.


  • Striping: March 23rd, 24th, 25th


  • Belt Testing: March 26th!! We will be evaluating all students in class and hand selecting the ones who are ready to test. We will be practicing forms, drills, and skills for testing this month to prepare students. Please also refrain from asking if you or your student is on the testing list. We are working hard to put students on the test. We will inform you or the student if they have made the testing list. Sensei Anita will also be calling/texting the ones who made the testing list to be assigned a time slot (times to be announced soon).


To qualify for testing:

  1. Attendance must be current! Classes that you have missed must be made up.

  2. Students MUST know ALL their lower belt forms. Practice, Practice, Practice!!



  • Please call or text Sensei Anita or the front desk if you have any questions