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October 2020 Newsletter  

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  • I would like to take time to say WELCOME to our new students and families who joined our school in September!! We are very excited for you to join our special school and want you to know what a pleasure it is to always open our doors to some more wonderful students!

  • Please be advised that our school schedule will remain the same as September. We must still have our cleaning and sanitizing procedures to ensure the safety of all members of our school. We also want to remind parents that the protocol is DROP OFF and PICK UP for the remainder of the pandemic. No parents allowed on the benches. Everyone must also wear their face masks inside the dojo.

Striping is on 10/28, 10/29, and 10/30


  • ​We have Zoom classes available every day for those still unable to attend in person. Also please download the BAND application to follow along with news and events. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram under “Ohana Martial Arts”.

    • Please post any photos of your child on any of these social media apps and tag us! Facebook is a very good way to share your experience here at Ohana. We would love it if you can give us some great reviews for any future students to see!  

  • Exciting news: we are having our Annual Inner School Tournament on Saturday, November 21st. We will have a special newsletter soon with all the information. Please mark this date on your calendar. The whole event will be streamed LIVE on Facebook for all the parents and families to follow along. The events will be by age and belt level. You can choose from the following events: Forms, Stick Fighting, or Sparring. No grappling allowed during the pandemic. We will have wonderful medals for ALL entrants.

  • Lastly, please update your contact information with Sensei Anita at the front desk. We have been sending out emails, phone calls, and newsletters to many students and parents since March and have not received a reply. We love being able to stay in contact with you and give you all the latest news!!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sensei Anita at (808) 276-2621.




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